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Hello my friend and welcome to my blog. If I can help in any way, give me a ring at 305-600-2459. Thanks for visiting!Welcome to my blog! Here are some “golden nuggets” that will help you on your way to reaching your goals in ANY Network Marketing or MLM business.  [ Read More ]

Most online marketers miss the importance of developing relationships with their customers offline. It’s not enough to sell a person on a product. The followup is also an important component of your business. If a customer is satisfied with your product and receives a followup call and an offline message,  [ Read More ]

Everybody loves video!  When most people search for a specific topic, they will usually look through a search engine like Google and through a video site like YouTube. It’s so popular, even phones have applications to let people see videos no matter where they are! This is great news for  [ Read More ]


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