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Hi! Today I want to share with you 6 steps to growing an online business:

1. Set your business up for success

You need to know what your business is about and who your target market is. Set a budget aside and write down your income goals. Then find out how EXACTLY you can make it happen (STEP BY STEP). This will be your gameplan. Stick to it!

2. Building relationships- be honest (No Hype)

Until your business becomes more established, it is important to instill an air of confidence. From the language you use for your marketing materials to the way you interact with perspective clients, if you project a sense of poise when dealing with new customers, you can make a great impression that offsets your lack of size or experience.

3. Marketing – crucial to attract a constant flow of people

One of the biggest reasons that businesses fail is because of the absence of marketing strategies. Remember, marketing is the key to continue to grow every business. You won’t have an active business if you don’t market and attract customers.

4. Use tools to share what you have to offer

Most businesses already come with tools, such as marketing materials, a website, social media, presentations, etc… It depends on your biz model. Also, a great idea is to build your distinct brand and share what you have to offer.

5. Follow-up

The foundation of brand loyalty lies in great service – a happy customer is a loyal customer. Most people need a couple exposures before they take action, so follow up your clients/prospects!

6. Close the sale

You don’t have to be the greatest salesman to succeed in business. Let the tools share what you do and if the person is interested, invite them to join or buy and you will be good at closing the sale in no time!

Hope this helps!

I am looking for people who want to grow an online business with me. If you’re interested, contact me and include your phone number and I will show you how I am consistently growing mine.

Let’s grow a business together!

~ Jessica Maldonado

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