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Welcome to my blog! Here are some “golden nuggets” that will help you on your way to reaching your goals in ANY Network Marketing or MLM business. We begin in stages… here we go:

PHASE 1Educationbaby-steps-to-success
Education: Find out the ins and outs of your business. That is the first thing I try to find out. This serves multiple purposes since this knowledge will help you understand how to work and maximize your business potential and also because people will begin to see you as the Go-To person as they start their business, and you will be able to help them by walking them through it and/or helping them understand it better.

PHASE 2 – Setup your goals and your game plan
Now that you know how it works, you need to set in paper the EXACT steps you need to focus on to reach your goals. This is your blueprint. You can’t build a house unless you start with the foundation, right? Well it’s the same with any business. You need to set your goals and take it one step at a time until you reach it. Write this down in a visible place and focus on reaching your first step, only when you complete that step do you continue to step 2. etc…

PHASE 3 – Take action
Without this step, you won’t see ANYTHING happen. You will need to take action daily to continue working what you started. I promise you that if you are taking action to complete the steps in Phase 2, you will start to see your progress…

Here are 5 important steps for Phase 3:

  1. Approach people about your opportunity – Break the ice, as in making casual conversation, then ask a question like “Hey John, I don’t know if you would be interested but I just started to work a simple home based business and it seems very promising. Would you be interested in taking a look?” (customize it to your situation) If they say no, then that’s ok, keep with your conversation. However if they say YES, then say… “great, here’s the website ___________. It has a 10 min. video that explains everything. When do you think you can check it out? (if they say tonight, then you can say, ok then is it ok if I call you tomorrow to see if you have any questions?)”… they will most likely say yes and you just set the stage for your next step.
    Make sure that this is short and to the point, creating curiosity. DON’T Blurt out everything you like about the business or how they make money or what the products are about, yada yada yada. Let the presentation do the selling and explaining for you. Your results will be MUCH BETTER this way. Believe me.
  2. Follow-up – This is where most people get stuck. You ask yourself, should I call them? What do I say? What if they say no? In short you are focusing on YOURSELF and YOUR FEARS rather than seeing that they already gave you permission to call them and that you just being helpful. They decide, you assist by providing the information they are looking for. ” Hi John, is this a good time? “yes”. Ok I’m just calling to follow-up with you to see if you were able to watch the video and answer any questions you may have.” In some cases, life gets in the way and people forget and if that is so, then ask them again when they believe they’ll be able to watch it and setup another time to follow-up. If they did watch it then start by answering questions. DON’T pressure them into making a decision. Let them decide what they want to do by asking them questions like “John we have a really big opportunity here with XYZ company and I’d love to work with you on this. What would you like to do? (stay quiet and let them tell you what they honestly want to do), then take it from there.
  3. Mindset – When I start calling people I have my computer up, and my registration page ready… why? Because if you believe that you will be signing someone up today, that mindset can help you keep focused on that goal. Some people will not be ready, but others will be and it’s for those people that you want to be ready.
  4. Let them know what to expect – when I am prospecting I will say something like this”: “John once you sign up I will send you an email with instructions to help you get started.” or “John once you sign up I will personally walk you through the system so that you can start your business correctly.” This way they feel comfortable and know what to expect once they join. This will help close people and have them sign up faster.
  5. Stay Plugged In – Some days that you feel like you don’t need to attend a team or opportunity call is when you need it the MOST. This keeps you FOCUSED and motivated. You need to stay plugged in so that you can continue moving forward.

I hope this helps! Now that you’ve got a blueprint to help you get started, GO FOR IT and make it a great day!

~ Jessica Maldonado

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