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Everybody loves video! 


When most people search for a specific topic, they will usually look through a search engine like Google and through a video site like YouTube.

It’s so popular, even phones have applications to let people see videos no matter where they are!

This is great news for you! This means that if you make a good video offering information on a specific topic, people will be able to find it! Depending on your call to action in your video and on your video description, you can get people to visit your website for more information and also have them contact you.

Video not only appears in sites such as Youtube, but also within search engine results for any given topic. This means more exposure for you!

So, how can you attract people to your website with videos? Simple… Make sure, no matter how simple or elaborate your video is, that it:

  • Offers valuable content related to your title
  • Answers people’s questions
  • Has a call to action at the end
  • Shows your website link at the very beginning of your description (starting with http://….)
  • And that it has a very target specific TITLE to help people searching for your topic, to find you!

Start planning out your video topic, what you want people to know and upload it to many video pages to get the most exposure to your video. If it’s good, you may be amazed at how many people will start visiting your website and requesting more info!

Let me know your experiences with video marketing and/or what are your biggest hurdles in making it happen.

To your success,

Jessica Maldonado

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