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Personal development is a crucial part to achieve success!sticky-quotes_082912_income-rarely-exceeds-ones-personal-developmentwtmk

In fact most people underestimate this daily step and if you are serious about making money in mlm, DON’T let that be you!

I’m going to share with you some of the TOP Personal Development sites and tools that can truly benefit your network marketing (MLM) business.

The topics covered in them can be applied to improve your business starting today:

  1. – This is my #1 recommendation. This is where everyone should start when looking to become a network marketing professional.
  2. – This site has loads of tips and information on ANY business topic. You can socialize, ask questions in the forum area and search any business or info and you’ll be surprised at how much value you will find there. (Please keep in mind that NO SPAMMING is tolerated on their forum)
  3. Books – Here are a couple of great books that I recommend: “GO PRO – 7 Steps to Becoming A Network Marketing Professional“, “The Magic of Thinking Big“, “The Referral of a Lifetime“, “Today Matters“… There are many others, but these are great for starters. You can find them at

More coming soon!


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