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Are you using social media to market your business? If not, YOU SHOULD! 

Among the variety of social media websites available, Facebook is in fact the #1 worldwide option having practically more than 1.44 billions of users.

Here are 3 quick tips to use Facebook for business:

1. Establish your business objective

Create a FB page. Ask yourself “what do I want to accomplish with this Facebook page?” and choose a classification according to your goals and business type. Don’t forget that business pages are to collect unlimited followers.

2. Build up your audience

Build up your audience by making your page as visible as possible -in other words discoverable- encouraging your existing contacts to keep linking and engaging your page, and through paid advertising.

3. Draw attention constantly

Facebook ads allows you to grow your audience through new likes, drive traffic to your web site, drive people to your store, generate attendance at an event, create awareness through an image or video and generate applications installation. Many of these features are free, so take advantage of them!

I hope this helps! Start rocking your Facebook page!

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To Your Success,
Jessica Maldonado
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