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With so many online opportunities, it is easy to get confused with what opportunities are legal and which will last.

Work-At-Home-OnlineHaving worked online for the past 12 years, I have run across my share of business opportunities that were here today and gone within their first year.

The first business I joined, I lost $500 and had nothing to show for it. Within the year the company closed and I lost that money. Why do I share this? Because I don’t want you to have to go through the same thing that happened to me.

In these 12 years I have also found companies that were great! And most of them are still in business today, making billions of dollars a year in sales and paying their members like clock work!

What I want you to understand is that whether you have tried an online business or network marketing business before and had success or not, results may vary, but the company you choose to work with can also determine whether you will have long term success or not.

525040_398857043519440_359317140_nWith that said, it is also true that in every good company there will be people who succeed and those who fail. Why? Because in this business model, everyone starts the same way, with $0 commissions, and the determining factor on whether you succeed or not depends on YOU.

If you work your business it will grow and your income with it. The faster you work it, the faster you earn. If you DO nothing, you may not earn either. Fair right? You get paid what you put into it.

If you are a go getter and consistently work to grow your business, you WILL earn. The more you work it, the higher your income will be.

What you should look for in a company:

  • Great products that make a difference and work exactly as advertised!
  • Simple yet lucrative pay plan
  • Affordable start up costs (so that anyone wanting to start a business can join with little risk)
  • Affordable monthly costs to keep your business active while you start earning
  • Weekly pay and residual income (work today and keep getting paid for that effort every month)
  • A company that rewards true team effort
  • A business open internationally

After testing different business models to see what worked and what didn’t, I am excited to say that I have found the BEST online business opportunity ever!!! It fits in with everything that I mentioned above and best of all it is very easy to do.

Let me show you the business that can finally start paying you  the weekly income you desire.

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